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ADDU Student Leaders benefit from Promoting MIL, 

Paved Way in crafting Comprehensive Social Media Policy

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With the goal to upskill and promote social good with the advent of technology and eliminate the occurrence of misuse of social media among the studentry, YABONG, in partnership with the Ateneo De Davao University (ADDU) Office of Student Affairs, conducted a media and information literacy (MIL) workshop with student leaders entitled "Unboxing Social Media: A Workshop on Responsible Consumption & Usage," anchored on upholding social media etiquette, respect, and use of MIL in navigating the digital platform.

Over 500 student leaders from SAMAHAN Central Board, Campus Club Organizations (CCO), Support Office Student Volunteers, and General Assembly of Class Presidents (GACP) were upskilled and capacitated on responsible social media consumption and usage. In addition, they provided information relating to understanding and evaluating its different aspects.

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As a product of this initiative the Office of Student Affairs were able to craft a comprehensive Social Media Policy, championed by student leaders and carry it out for the studentry.

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