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Partnership With AAILAB Brings YABONG International Seas

Dyulliana Anushkah Toyogon

YABONG recently has sealed a partnership with ASEAN Abundance Innovation Lab (AAILAB) to present an event aimed to incubate campaigns that are inclined to prevent and counter violent extremism in Southeast Asia. The practical workshop, titled ASEAN Youth Peace Campaign Lab, has been curated with the partnership of ASEAN Peace Project and the US Embassy to create linkages of ASEAN advocates that need not to conform to conventional ways to make change. The lab will commence in Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand, making it YABONG’s international debut.

Similar to YABONG, AAILAB targets to expand its reach by through project incubation, maintenance, and management. As the main host of the said event, AAILAB, alongside with YABONG’s support, looks forward to empowering the future participants of the experiential lab through a variety of leadership trainings and mentoring.

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In line with this, the partnership aims to launch ASEANetizens, a workshop which will be spearheaded by YABONG to educate participants on responsible social media use for social good. ASEANetizens is brought to possibility with the help of AAILAB through incubating the workshop. YABONG will teach willing advocates the basics of making a social campaign on the internet. With this, both YABONG and AAILAB will extend and expand its reach in Southeast Asia.

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The ASEAN Youth Peace Campaign Lab will be hosted in the three countries mentioned, specifically in Davao City, Philippines (February 7-9, 2020), Jakarta, Indonesia (February 22-24, 2020) and Chiang Mai, Thailand (March 21-23, 2020). The 12 winners out of 30 campaigns will be launched by April 2020. Applications are currently open for Jakarta and Philippines legs until January 30, 2020. Induction of Chiang Mai leg for Thais will open afterwards.