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 ProMIL for ATIP Advocates: Digital Campaigns for Cybersafety


ProMIL for ATIP Advocates: Digital Campaigns for Cybersafety 

The digitalization of human trafficking runs rampant in the digital spheres. Thus,  YABONG, together with Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation- Integrated Development Center (JPIC - IDC), conducted "ProMIL for ATIP Advocates: A Learning Session on Cybersafety and Digital Campaigns" last October 30, 2021, via zoom platform. It is a workshop intended for the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Advocates (ATIP) in Surigao del Norte which held various activities to educate them about Media and Information Literacy (MIL) like identifying false information, understanding the embedded purposes of digital posts, how to promote safe digital spaces, and promoting digital campaigns for cybersaftey, all of which are vital on advocating for anti-traficking within digital platforms.

A mentoring session on these specific skills was led by mentors from YABONG core tea, in the presence of Ms. Patricia Lucena, Executive Director, Ms. Kristiana Guisadio, Documentation Head, and Mr. Kyle Aboy, Head of Research and development, and members from JJPIC - IDC. This event was first in Surigao del Norte attended by ATIP members from various areas in the province such as Surigao City, Del Carmen Siargao, and Claver.



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