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ProMIL in Schools: YABONG Trains Health Science Student Leaders on Maximizing Digital Platforms


A one-day MIL workshop was conducted via zoom last January 29, 2021, to equip and empower the college and senior high school student leaders of General Santos Doctors' Medical School Inc. The workshop was entitled "Transforming Digital Space: Maximizing Online Platforms for Effective Student Leadership". An estimated number of 100 student leaders were capacitated and trained for project implementation for digital campaigns where they presented their ideas to the panel. The digital campaigns aimed to help the student leaders on continuing leadership digitally from the shift to online classes.

Dun Concha Abiera, Yabong Founder and Executive Director, was the speaker of the workshop and she talked about MIL 101, Laws regarding MIL, Responsible Social Media, and How to Make a Digital Campaign. Kyle Aboy, Yabong's Research and Development Director is one of the facilitators of the workshop whose focus was student engagement and learning.