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YABONG empowers DLSU-COB students through Promoting MIL

RVR-COB WEEK 2020 conducted its Uphold and Unfold: Advocaseries Webinar last July 29, 2020. The event is a set of online webinars that feature experts from various industries to share their knowledge and experiences while also talking about the future of businesses amidst the pandemic. This event is participated by the students of De La Salle University - College of Business (COB). 

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Together with the other brilliant speakers, was Dun Concha Abiera, who shared her knowledge and expertise about youth empowerment through the lens of promoting MIL in Schools. COB Unlocked is a week-long event that aims to be the vibe that conquers the impossible through recognizing diverse identities and accomplishments and, most importantly, strengthening COB students’ individual and collective growth.


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