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YABONG Holds 1st Mindanao Camp On PCVE

Dyulliana Anushkah Toyogon

AUGUST 13, 2019-- It was a tremendous and amazing opportunity for the participants of the YABONG Mindanao Camp to be taught about the intricacies of project pitching and be able to apply the acquired knowledge to the YABONG Small Grants Competition, held last August 10-12, 2019 at Lantaw Bukid, Davao City.

Among hundreds of applicants, the most qualified project managers, student leaders, and aspiring advocates were chosen to undergo a 3-day US Embassy-funded camp to enhance their overall governance skills, strengthen networks, and build connections with other youth-led organizations to curate sustainable projects related to Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) that aim to address the adversities of our country.

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Attended by over thirty chosen participants from Davao, Maguindanao-Cotabato, North Cotabato and SOX Region, the camp introduced topics related to PCVE and held plenary sessions for its first day. For Day One, the participants got the opportunity to know each other through various icebreakers. Speakers from around Mindanao were invited to share their experiences and expertise on project pitching and the like. Plenary sessions and leadership workshops were held. At the end of first day, the participants bonded and shared their personal experiences as well — as to who they are, what they want, and who they want to serve in their advocacy life.

After Day One's heavy introduction to the basics of leadership skills and the like, the participants were given the opportunity to embark knowledge to one another by engaging in teambuilding activities. Unlike the first day's work-centric seminars, the second day focused more on camaraderie; the spirit an advocate must uplift.

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Photo taken during the YABONG Mindanao Camp Teambuilding Activity

The afternoon session geared towards the fundamentals of project pitching, led by YABONG Founder and Core Member Dun Oliver Abiera. The participants proceeded to curate their own projects related to Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) with the help and mentorship of YABONG Team.

On August 12, 2019, the last day of the camp, the participants moved the floor to Ateneo De Davao University for the project pitching competition. The advocates were given five minutes to propose their projects. After the allotted time, the adjudicators interrogated and critiqued the details of the participants' projects.

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Three projects were chosen to be funded and incubated by the US Embassy and YABONG Philippines to conclude the camp. Announcing of winners will be up soon. Stay tuned, advocates!

Indeed, the three-day camp proved that effective leadership and sustainable projects can be brought to life with the help of strengthened networks and youth force - which YABONG, along with the US Embassy, aims to realize.

The camp was also sponsored by University Community Engagement & Advocacy Council - Ateneo de Davao University, Al Qalam Institute Identities and Dialogue in Southeast Asia, and Rotaract Club of Mindanao State University - General Santos City District 3860.