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YABONG on the 1st Mabini Colleges Virtual Student Congress on MIL



Mabini Colleges Inc. held its First Virtual Student Congress on Media and Information Literacy with the theme: "Molding Responsible and Empowered Citizens in the Digital Era" last April 24, 2021. Live on the Facebook platform, the event reached 9,200 views and 613 shares. The event featured MIL champions as guest speakers namely Mr. Arniel Ping and Ms. Rosie Jane Mosquera of the Philippine Association for Media and Information Literacy (PAMIL) with their topics on Engaging the Youth in MIL Conversation and MIL for Youth Civic Engagement respectively. 


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YABONG founder, Dun Concha Abiera was the second speaker of the congress as she tackled Responsible Netizenship for the Youth. As part of the ProMIL in Schools program, Abiera, along with the other guest speakers, champion the 200 participants and 200 Facebook viewers of grade 11 MIL students, faculty members, and whole administration of Mabini Colleges Inc. High School department on Media and Information Literacy. 

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